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Is your dog stressed?
Does he whine, or scratch the walls and doors?
Does she have "accidents" whenever you go out?
Do they suffer from Separation Anxiety?

The simple, drug-free answer to Dog Anxiety and Stress is here - ADAPTIL!

ADAPTIL releases a synthetic version of the "Dog Appeasing Pheromone", a chemical produced by a bitch when she's go puppies. Effectively, its a chemical message saying "its all right, you're safe".

ADAPTIL is remarkably effective in managing stressed and anxious dogs. Its not a sedative, and it isn't a "knock-out" shot, it won't change your dog's personality - it just gently and naturally relieves stress and relaxes.

The main use is in the house - ADAPTIL diffusers and refill cartridges - but there are also collars your dog can wear, to carry that calming influence everywhere they go.There's even a spray that can be used in specific places where he or she gets especially stressed.

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